Deformation Mecha Fidget Spinner 

Product information

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Product size: Diameter 6.5cm, height 2.3cm
  • Product weight: 160g
  • Product packaging: black PVC box
  • Product list: 1 fidget Spinner

Product design

  • The whole fidget spinner is made of stainless steel material, and every detail has been precision machined to make it delicate and smooth with sharp edges and corners, making it more comfortable to hold.
  • Mecha expansion mode, manual rotation, fidget spinner mecha will expand, very cool, bring you a different visual feast.
  • 6703 and R188 double bearing design, with enough and more powerful rotation force, when the outer ring rotates at high speed, drive the inner ring rotation.
  • The reserved tritium gas pipe slot can be installed with 1.5*6mm tritium gas pipe, greatly increasing the DIY space. After installing the tritium pipe, the visual effect of rotation is even more cool.

Product play

Hold the middle locking part of the fidget spinner with one hand and push it gently with the other hand, and the fidget spinner can start to spin.

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