5 Comic Websites make you Laugh Till Your Sides Hurt

Prepare for a laughter-filled adventure as we explore five fantastic websites that will tickle your funny bone with their offbeat and hilarious comics. From The Oatmeal’s quirky humor to Explosm.net’s dark comedy, these websites offer a delightful escape into the world of wacky illustrations and absurd storylines. Join us on this comic journey as we introduce you to the best in the business of laughter.

1.The Oatmeal (theoatmeal.com):

Get ready for a unique blend of humor, wit, and occasional randomness at The Oatmeal. This popular website is home to hilarious webcomics and witty observations on various topics, their comics are sure to leave you in stitches.

How to hold a baby when you are not used to holding babies – The Oatmeal

2.PBF Comics (pbfcomics.com):

PBF Comics delivers a delightful dose of absurdity and wit. Created by Nicholas Gurewitch, this webcomic series explores the bizarre and often surreal aspects of everyday life. With its distinctive art style and unconventional storytelling, PBF Comics will take you on a journey through the weird and wonderful, leaving you chuckling and scratching your head in equal measure.

3.Extra Fabulous Comics (extrafabulouscomics.com):

Indulge in the hilariously relatable and often absurd comics of Extra Fabulous Comics. This webcomic series combines simple art with clever dialogues, offering a fresh perspective on every situations. From awkward encounters to mundane observations, Extra Fabulous Comics delivers a dose of humor that will make you laugh and nod in agreement.

4.Cyanide & Happiness (explosm.net):

Get ready for dark and twisted humor with Cyanide & Happiness. This webcomic series explores the absurdities of life, often pushing the boundaries of taste and morality. With its distinctive stick-figure art style and morbid yet hilarious scenarios, Cyanide & Happiness offers a unique brand of comedy that will appeal to those with a taste for the dark side.

5.Loading Artist (loadingartist.com):

Gregor Czaykowski’s Loading Artist is a webcomic series that blends humor, introspection, and clever visuals. The art style is simple yet expressive, with a focus on delivering punchlines and amusing observations.

These five websites offer a hilarious escape from the mundane, taking you on a joyride through the absurd, the relatable, and the downright bizarre. From The Oatmeal’s quirkiness to PBF Comics’ surrealism, Extra Fabulous Comics’ relatability, Cyanide & Happiness’ dark humor, each website brings its unique brand of comedy to brighten your day. Dive into the wacky world of comics and let these websites be your go-to sources for laughter and entertainment.

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