5 best GPT Stores to Quickly Find Your AI Assistant

On November 6th, at Open AI’s inaugural developer conference, many exciting advancements were announced, among which the emergence of GPTs was particularly exhilarating. Thousands of custom GPTs have already been created. If you want to join this AI extravaganza, don’t miss these 10 websites.

They are custom GPTs created by users in a conversational form using natural language. They are designed to adapt to various tasks and scenarios. By uploading a knowledge base, they can become experts in a specific field, or edit Actions to interact with the external world for more complex tasks. Once created, GPTs can be publicly shared via a link, a feature currently available to Plus users.

As of now, there are 16 default GPTs created by OpenAI for use. Before OpenAI officially launches its own app store, here are 5 fantastic third-party GPTs app stores:

This site lists over 10,000 GPTs applications, offering various categories and search options. Click on ‘Trending’ to see the most popular apps on the site, and try the quick search to find GPTs you might like.

This site may hold the record for the highest number of GPTs, with an impressive collection of 21,921 applications that is continuously expanding.

This GPTs store is a Github repository. Although it might not have a large number of applications, those included are practical and interesting.

This website features a very clean and elegant style, showcasing each custom GPT’s logo in full, providing a highly immersive experience. They are well categorized, and notably, there’s no need to log in when submitting GPTs on this site.

The name of the website gives a clear indication of its focus—it specializes in “assistant” type GPTs. Those custom GPTs selected to appear on the homepage are notably outstanding AI assistants, definitely worth trying out.

The ranking of the above websites is not in any particular order. If you’d like to share your own custom GPTs, you can submit them on these websites, and they will be included soon.