Technological Marvel from Twelve Years Ago: A Mind-Blowing Real-Time Interactive Music Video

“3 Dreams of Black” is essentially an interactive music video (MV) based on WebGL technology. The MV tells a story set in a post-apocalyptic world and features Norah Jones and Jack White as the main characters. The narrative revolves around three dreams of the protagonist, Norah Jones, and viewers can control the experience of the entire MV story by sliding their mouse.

“3 Dreams of Black”is created with code

This experimental project aims to showcase the exceptional optimization possibilities offered by the Chrome browser. The production team behind this project is composed of talented individuals, including Chris Milk as the MV director and producer, as well as music compositions by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi from their album “ROME.” The song featured in the MV was later used in the soundtrack of the fourth season of “Breaking Bad.” When they received this task, it was on Christmas Eve 2010, and the album had not yet been released.

All the visuals in the MV are not video clips but a series of real-time generated dynamic 3D visual scenes created through WebGL technology. These scenes are a combination of computer programming and artistic techniques, making them akin to works of art. Although over a decade has passed since its creation, the impact of this artwork is still profound from a technological standpoint.

On the website, viewers can not only enjoy the MV but also build and upload their own artistic creations. The MV concludes by showcasing various 3D objects from “dreams of others,” allowing users to explore and engage with a multitude of artistic expressions.

Web Link:ROME