Concerned about hearing loss? Test your hearing levels here.

Introduction to HearingTest.Online Features

HearingTest.Online offers a simple and effective way to test your hearing. With a few easy steps, you can complete a hearing test on the website and receive a detailed report about your hearing level. This is particularly useful for individuals who are concerned about their hearing health, especially those who are exposed to noisy environments for extended periods, such as musicians, construction workers, etc. By regularly taking hearing tests, you can detect hearing issues early and take appropriate measures to protect your hearing health.

Steps to Take a Hearing Test on HearingTest.Online

Step 1 – First, rub your hands together in front of your nose at a steady pace to create a sound similar to the calibration file, then adjust the computer volume until the rubbing sound is as loud as the calibration file when you wear the headphones.

Step 2 – Start from the top-left corner and click on the ear icons one by one. They will produce corresponding frequencies and sound levels. Only click on the next column after you hear the sound.If you suddenly experience hearing loss or a decrease in hearing in one ear, there is also an option available here for a single-ear test.

Step 3 – After clicking and completing the last column of icons, your personal hearing chart will be generated below. Ideally, all six markers should be near the 0 range at the top of the report.

Paragraph 3: Advice and Measures for Protecting Hearing Health

If your test results are not ideal, it is important to avoid prolonged exposure to noisy environments, correctly wear earplugs or headphones (volume no higher than 60%, continuous listening for no more than 60 minutes, external noise no higher than 60 decibels), and maintain good hearing hygiene habits. By following these recommendations and measures, you can reduce the risk of hearing damage and maintain healthy hearing function.

If you are unable to avoid noisy work or living environments, you can also try wearing protective earmuffs to safeguard your hearing.

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