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Online Typing Test Platform

Thetypingcat is an online typing test platform designed to help users improve their typing speed and accuracy.

The website offers a variety of typing exercises, including texts of different difficulty levels and themes such as legal, medical, programming languages, and more.

Users can choose exercises that match their proficiency levels and test their typing abilities by typing the given text. The site also provides real-time statistics on typing speed and accuracy, allowing users to track their progress.

During practice, if users are unsure about which finger to use, the correct finger placement for the current key is displayed on the screen.

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Support for Different Keyboard Layouts and Practice Themes

QWERTY is not the only keyboard layout; other layouts include Dvorak, Colemak, Workman, etc. thetypingcat also supports switching between various typing practice themes, adding a detailed touch to the platform.

Typing Games

In addition to exercises, TypingCat offers some entertaining typing games to make learning typing more enjoyable and engaging. Through these games and exercises, users can gradually enhance their typing skills, enabling more efficient keyboard use in daily life and work.

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