Winamp and MILKDROP Nostalgia in the Browser

Webamp and Winamp

Winamp is a classic music player that gained popularity in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Webamp is a website that allows you to experience the nostalgia of the classic media player Winamp in your browser. Its interface has the look of a computer system from the 1990s. Using HTML5 and JavaScript, it faithfully replicates the functionality and style of Winamp.

Features Overview

You can listen to music, adjust the equalizer, change skins, and enjoy MILKDROP’s music visualization effects. All the interactive buttons of Winamp are faithfully simulated.

Moreover, you can add your favorite music (note that you can only select entire folders, and all the music inside will be added to the playlist).

Winamp Skin Museum

Winamp’s skin design embraced an open approach, allowing anyone to create and share their own skins. This led to a plethora of Winamp skins, and this website collects an astonishing number of skins, spanning various styles and themes.

If you want to go back 20 years, explore this museum.

Back then, just changing skins and mesmerizingly watching the smooth effects of MILKDROP was enough fun and it’s a truly nostalgic era!

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Change the skin
winamp museum

Website Link

[Online Winamp] Webamp · Winamp 2 in your browser

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[Winamp Skin Museum]Winamp Skin Museum

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