10 Best Websites to Read Chinese Wuxia & Light Novels and Web Novels (2023 Updated)

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to introduce you to some great websites where you can find an endless supply of Wuxia novels! If you’re a fan of Wuxia novels, then you absolutely can’t miss out on these websites. Not only that, but these websites also offer a variety of genres and language options, ranging from Chinese to Korean, and from fantasy to cultivation. Whether you enjoy reading original Chinese Wuxia novels or want to explore different genres of stories, these websites have got you covered.

  • Firstly, let’s start with Wuxiaworld. This is a highly popular website that boasts a massive collection of Wuxia novels. It not only provides Wuxia novels in different styles, but also offers various translation versions for you to choose from. From ancient tales of traditional swordsmanship to modern Wuxia adventures, you can find it all here!

  • Next up is Novelhall. This website is also a treasure trove of Wuxia novels that you won’t want to miss out on. It not only features popular classic Wuxia novels but also showcases original works from emerging writers. Here, you can find Wuxia stories that will make your heart race and transport you into their immersive worlds.

  • If you don’t have the patience to wait for manually translated versions of your favorite novels, MTLNovel ,Mtlnation and Wuxiamtland its machine translation could be the solution for you. These three website specializes in machine-translated novels of various genres, including a large selection of Wuxia novels. While machine translation may not be as accurate as human translation, teey offers a different reading experience, and you might discover some unique stories in the process.

  • Another noteworthy website is Novelfull. This website provides a vast collection of free Wuxia novels that you can read anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone. Moreover, it has a convenient feature that recommends Wuxia novels based on your reading habits and preferences, saving you the trouble of searching for them.

  • Then we have ranobes.top, a Chinese Wuxia novel website that offers translated versions of many popular Wuxia novels. If you’re looking to read some of the newest Wuxia novel works, this is a great choice. It also provides convenient categorization and search features, making it easier for you to find novels that pique your interest.

  • If you’re a bookworm who loves keeping up with the latest chapters of your favorite novels, then Novelupdates is a website you shouldn’t miss. It compiles novel updates from various websites, including Wuxia novels. You can stay informed about the newest chapter releases of your favorite novels, ensuring you never miss out on any exciting parts.

  • volarenovels has a clean and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate especially on female recs and male recs. Additionally, it offers features like bookmarks and reading records, allowing you to easily return to where you last left off reading.

  • Novelhi is a relatively new website, but it has shown great potential. It provides a carefully selected collection of Wuxia novels with a clean interface and enjoyable reading experience.It also offers high-quality translation service, allowing you to seamlessly translate Chinese text into English. Here, you can find Wuxia novels of various types, ranging from classic tales of the martial world to fantastical cultivation realms.

Overall, these websites each have their own advantages. They offer a vast array of Wuxia novel resources, allowing Wuxia enthusiasts to indulge in their reading passion. So, if you’re a fan of Wuxia novels, I recommend you personally visit these websites and find the one that suits you best. May you have a pleasant reading experience on these websites!

Web Links:(The ranking order is not in any particular order.)